Hall of Shame


During inspections it is not uncommon that I come across unique or poorly installed items.  Many of which are dangerous, or will likely cause additional damage to the home.  Below are a few examples of what I hope we don’t find during your inspection.

Standing water in a crawl space.


Plumbing vent ends in the attic resulting in a moldy attic.


The dreaded “CertainTeed Horizon Shingles” shown with premature “craze” cracking.


Rotted exterior rim joist shown from inside the crawlspace.


The base of a steel support column that has been removed to make room for a poker table.


Improperly nailed shingles.  The shingles were loose and some slid out when walked on.


I wasn’t alone in this attic.


Frost, condensation, and mold from the plumbing vent terminating in the attic.  Insulation vapor barrier is upside down as well.


Improperly installed water heater vent piping.


DIY Kitchen sink plumbing.


Moldy, floor joists from a long term bathtub leak.


PorchFanThis indoor ceiling fan was installed about 5 feet high on an exterior porch under an active roof leak.  The exposed individual conductors are rigged into an extension cord that is spliced into an exterior light fixture.  Then to make things worse the ceiling rafters that are attached to a rotted 1×6 fascia board started to sag so a 2×4 was added to prop it up.


Mold Covered Roof Found During Home Inspection by Area Inspection Services, LLC

Home Inspector Oconomowoc WI

A ceiling covered in mold in a basement stairway.


RadiatorHoseAn automotive radiator hose used as a bath tub supply line.


AtticA moldy attic caused by multiple layers of deteriorated shingles, and poor attic ventilation.


WaterHeaterA water heater vented with old galvanized downspouts.  Proper vent installation is critical in preventing fires as well as keeping carbon monoxide out of your house.


SoftnerBypassThis plastic line was put in the place of a water softener.  It’s surprising that the water pressure hasn’t blown the hose off of the fittings, however some water was leaking onto the floor.


SteelRoofPoorly installed steel roofing.  The steel was flapping in the wind and sounded like a wind chime.


RoofLeakThese homeowners decided to catch the water with buckets and plastic sheeting instead of repairing the roof.


NoInsulationMissing insulation on a recently constructed building.  Without insulation the plastic vapor barrier stays cold and moisture condenses between the plastic and the drywall often resulting in mold growth.



VentInteresting vent location.


MoldyBasementMoldy basement wall on a newer home.  The sump pump failed, and the sump crock overflowed.  Instead of cleaning up the mess and running a dehumidifier, the basement was just ignored.


LiveWiresLive wires in a knee wall attic space that is only accessible from their kid’s bedroom.


FoundationFoundation failure primarily caused by poor drainage.


FailedFoundationRepairA failed foundation repair.  This contractor lifted the house, poorly repaired the wall and
now light is visible between the foundation and the floor joists.


BasementBedroomUnfortunately this was a kids bedroom in an old damp, dirty basement.


LargeRoofLeakA roof leak that has been ignored for years.